Bodytalk Case Histories


17-yr old boy injured playing lacrosse

During a game, the boy was hit with a stick across the Achilles heel. He hobbled to the bench where I performed the first-aid protocol taught in the BodyTalk Access course.  After 20 minutes he got up, surprised that his pain had completely vanished.  He finished the game, much to the amazement of the school nurse and the coach.


16-month old girl adopted from China
The girl was not sleeping any more.  She was restless and easily irritated. Her parents felt the behavior change began after an ear infection six months prior.  I conducted one BodyTalk session.  Afterwards, her mother reported that the girl sleeps through the night and she is back to her old self.  The family is happy.


30 year old woman with back pains
A woman in her 30’s came for chronic back pains that were increasing in intensity.   She could hardly touch her knees when she’d bend down.  We worked almost exclusively on her mastectomy scar. After a very strong emotional release (shaking, sobbing, etc.) she got up from the table and proceeded to do gymnastics in my office.


13-year old girl with spina bifeda
I saw her for about 2 years for a total of 8 sessions.  After one year, while doing her swimming exercises, she spontaneously began using muscles in the back of her upper legs that she had never used before in her life.  The next day she experienced tremendous muscle ache.  I have never seen anyone so excited about muscle ache in my life.

After 1 years, she lost all sugar and carbohydrate cravings which resulted in regulating her digestive complaints.  After 2 years, she experienced for the first time a regular menstrual cycle.  It was completely without pain.


50-year old man twisted his ankle
The following day it was swollen and hot to the touch.  I did BodyTalk Access, holding the ankle for 10 minutes while taping.   I could feel the heat and swelling melt in my hinds like an ice cream cone.  He stepped off the table and was fine.


4-year old dog
Highly abused as a puppy, he came to me with a chronic ear infection. His owner had tried for over a year to solve the problem.  I saw the dog for 3 sessions, dealing with kidneys and a lot of fear; his ear infection cleared up.


12-year old boy with severe back aches
The boy couldn’t sit through one class in school.  We linked an internal scar on the left lung (he’d had pneumonia as a young boy) to his back.  His back never bothered him again.


Man in his 30’S, accident on construction site.
The man slipped on a piece of re-bar, spearing his sphincter and colon.

After several surgeries he developed calcified adhesions, first at the colon, then further up at the duodenum .  He was fed intravenously with his stomach fluids pumped out through a tube in his neck.  The hospital sent him home, telling him that this was all they could do for him.

I saw him 5 times. After 2 sessions, he developed diarrhea.  After the 3rd session, his body literally ejected the tube from his neck.  After the 5th session, the doctors could not find the spot where the blockage had been. All his functions returned to normal.  I never saw him again.


Mid-50’s woman with post-polio syndrome
She came to me 5 years ago.  On disability, she could not work anymore, was barely able to walk, spent most of her time in her wheel chair and was in constant pain.  She was one of the last people in the 1950s that contracted polio.

In her early 40's the nervous system started to be affected; she was diagnosed with post polio syndrome.  She was told that nothing could be done for her. She watched as she turned (in her words) from a "healthy" person into a "disabled" one.

We worked together for 5 years using BodyTalk whenever her body requested it.  At first the pain level decreased and she became physically stronger. Than she felt able to do some light exercise; she used the wheelchair less often. After 1 years, she felt strong enough to enroll in a program to become a professional coach.  She completed it the following year.  After about 4 years she was able to drive long distances by herself, walk a mile.  She only used the chair when she had to carry very heavy things. That was the point when she became once more very sick.

The moment came when she realized that she was well again, well enough to go off disability and stand on her own feet.  We worked through this realization with BodyTalk and I am happy to say that she made the shift from identifying as a disabled person to identifying as a normal and healthy person.

She completed the basic BodyTalk coursework.  She works as a personal coach living a normal, happy life.


70-year old woman
I worked with my mother.   During the session, I could not get permission to balance.  I found out that it was because of me.  We just talked for awhile; something she said made me question the answer we got about the permission. I asked more questions about it.  To shorten the story, what came out was that my mother had an issue about not burdening me with her problems. It apparently went back to an issue she had about her mother.

So it was me but not in the initial way I had thought.  We got permission to go into motional synthesis.  As I was tapping her out she all of a sudden looked at me and said: “It is strange, right now you are not my daughter or my mother you are just someone who wishes me well.”  That was the end of the session.


Woman in her 40s with Hepatitis C.
The woman hadn’t felt energetic in years, was depressed frequently, and would fall ill easily.  After her first session she couldn’t wait to tell me how she had cleaned her apartment for 5 hours without feeling tired. 
After seeing her for a year, her test showed a normal liver count but most importantly her viral load had decreased by more than 50%.  She told me she feels like she finally has gotten her life back.


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