I am grateful for the wind and the rain on my skin
The sheltering stars for me and my kin
You cradled us softly and warm in your arms
Your trees with strength, your sun with warmth
The children grew strong and kind on this ground
Explored their world in your rocks and sand and found -
A place where seeds grow roots that are deep and strong
That nurture life for seasons to come
I pray thee thanks for the life that I had -
Here in this place that I called my pad
My home, the very first one that I have ever known
The words fail me for what I’ve been shown
Here, on this island, in dreamtime I have grown
From mud to lotus…………………………….
And now this life seems to come to an end
Not my will, but this willow will bend
The time has come to leave the nest
And explore new worlds, uncharted lands, old paths layed to rest
I pray for life’s richness to rest deep in my chest
Where the rain and the wind touches my skin
In peace and communion with the rest of my kin


Let worldly souls dance and sing
Hear all the children’s laughter sing
Echoing with joy

The face of fear won’t stand a chance
Our love will soar as angels dance
In perfect harmony

Let freedom reign in our hearts
Mend the wounds that tore apart
The souls that traveled far

Lost, angry hearts tear down the walls
Bring back the innocence in all
With fragile tenderness.

Thoughts on Peace

I am not against war
I embrace peace
I am not against hate
I nurture compassion
I am not against fighting
I learn understanding
I am not against lies
I search for truth

I heard you say” We must fight for Peace”
So I am asking you” How will we bring Peace into this world when we rage war against ourselves?”

Deep down inside, the darkest fears and nightmares
Wounds, inadequacies and judgments
Shunned, not seen, not wanted
Growing steadily, in tight cages, becoming monsters that walk the streets
Killing children, raping women, torturing men
And with greedy eyes looking for more, more and more

A proposal, a new idea perhaps
Let’s invite them for tea
“One lump or two?” you might offer
Trying a yes instead of no’s
And then, as you are sitting with each other
Eye to eye,
Seeing the other clearly
Uncovering monsters as imposters,
Judgment can melt into the absence of belief
And in the absence of belief love shines,
Towing peace and compassion in it’s wake
A side effect, to be sure.

So no need to fight, beloved
I have never met a man carrying a peaceful heart that rapes women, kills children or tortures beings
So “ Yes ” is my answer


Moon Maiden

The moon maiden
Her world the deep, the unconscious
Filled with shadows, dancing in the silver light
I see her walking on the moonbeam
Across the water with light steps
Crossing the body of the senses
Her soft, rich womb welcoming all fears
Easily transcendent in the light.

The moon maiden, laughing likes a bubbling brook
As she plays in the world of shadows
Covered by the blanket of the night
Crystal bells accompanying her song
Eerie caressing the silvery beam of the moon

Moon maiden, your empire the world of dreams
In splendor
Your essence present in every pore of my being
As I drink your sweet nectar that flows in the light.

I sing and I shout

An Ocean of judgment
What do you see
The world your mirror
Me on my knees
Shaking and trembling
Head is exploding
My heart is racing, eyes that are bulging
The cords are elusive
The strings are off tone
As I sing my song with self doubt in my bone
This silliness screams to high heaven no doubt
What do I do?
I sing and I shout
Sing my song over and over again and over again
That’s all I do one moment, another and another my friend
Sitting and noticing all that I feel
The perception elusive the sensations seem real.
That’s all that I know, that’s all I can do
I imagine it would do wonders for you too.
Let’s try it together and stop being scared
Of you and me and what either might say.
Let judgment be judgment and delight be delight.
Accept everything in between as alright.
And with that my friend I am saying “Good night.”


Talk to me

Talk to me slowly
talk to me straight
I want to hear what you got on your plate
I want to taste your potatos, your chicken , your ice cream
So i know what it feels like to live in your dream
Don't care if it's raw or present on a platter
just let me peak into that endless chatter.
we can laugh, shout or cry together or simply be still in that moment forever.
A food fight you say?
That sounds ok
Let's have the stuff fly so we can stay
and enjoy the world in a different way.

The rich weave of the moment
One thought, the moment shed quickly by the focus of the eye.
Sitting in silence discovering an ever tumbling depth
Amazed at the rich fabric
Lifetimes upon lifetimes stretching, circling, never-ending.
The deliciousness, the agony, the silence.
How can it be that all of this happens at once, the mind scrambles
Smiles, peace, grace…the answer
Really nothing to say
But then again………….

The mind, a perspective

The mind, perceived like the dentist.
No one likes it, seems bothersome, no painful
What about it’s perspective?
“ I am just doing what I am supposed to do.
I am designed to do mind stuff, made for it, my specialty
Thinking, computing, figuring things out.
I think I am very good at it.
How would you like it if you were always attacked?
Someone always trying to silence you, pacifying you.
A big yuck!
I am not the enemy. How could I be?”

Sitting here watching the birds on the water an enormous
Compassion and kindness arises for the mind.
The gratefulness for a job well done.
In the moment, acknowledged, not identified with,
It calms and takes its place in the deliciousness of the silent dance.
Just one aspect of the wonder
Like one bird within the flock, dancing on the water.

Every word coming out of my mouth, the mind masterfully justifying itself.
Brilliance! Hats off
Aiming to escape the whirling, tumbling sense of overwhelm that threatens the very fiber of the fabric.
Feeling so very week, so tender, tears always ready for the taking.
Another mirage, seeming never-ending.
Tumbling, intertwined over and over into…….
Yes, - into what?
Downright comically
The absurdity of it all.
The spectrum from bliss to dispair.
All the same----------- what a joke.
And still trying to engage at all cost.
The sense of separateness lingering, hanging on.
And within all of it gratefulness arises.

One never Knows

I found myself walking down the road
Wondering what was disturbing me so
Thinking, thinking, twisting and turning
Like a butter maker my insides were tumbling and churning
I was cooking and stewing as suddenly some light was quietly protruding
Shifting the whole picture in its foundation
Imagine my surprise when I looked I saw nothing
Not even a reason for salvation


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